Game apps for Android and IOS

How to Play!!

Contestants spin wheel to select a category. Match the correct word found within the lyrics of the song. Get 8 categories to be the Lyrics Guru.

Let's Play

  • Contestants take turns spinning the wheel to select a category for play;
  • Song title and word list announced;
  • Compete to be the first to press buzzer to guess correct word found within the lyrics of the song;
  • Winner is first to get eight categories!

Make Your Block Watch A Block Party!

  • Make your group social event more than just a meeting with food.
  • Add fun to neighborhood Block Watch meetings!
  • Add game as fundraiser activity.
  • Have fun building competitive teams while improving relationships, communication and information flow.

Where can you play?

Our traveling game show is offered in an hourly, one-day or multiple day format and can be delivered at the client location or a convenient off-site retreat setting. CONTACT US NOW!