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Let's play!

Pick a category. In eight seconds, match the correct word found within the lyrics of the song. Get eight correct and continue with seven more genres or categories. Be a Lyrics Guru.

  • Select Lyrics Guru icon on mobile device; and
  • Select Play button; and
  • Select a category; and
  • The prompt screen will display; and
  • A series of eight rounds will begin; and
  • The song title with the list of words will display; and
  • The round timer will begin with the display of eight seconds duration, and
  • Select a word in the list; and
  • A point is given if the correct word is selected.
Get the answer wrong, no point is awarded and the correct answer is not identified.

Match eight correct words in a category and advance one level. The player who successfully advances eight levels is a Lyrics Guru.

You can find multiple categories. Thousands of titles for play!

 Lyrics app for iPhone, iPad & Android