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How to play!!

Pick a genre. In eight seconds, match the correct word found within the lyrics of the song. Get eight correct and continue with seven more genres. Be a Lyrics Guru.

  • Select Lyrics Guru icon on mobile device; and
  • Select Play button; and
  • Select a genre; and
  • The prompt screen will display; and
  • The round will begin; and
  • The song title with the list of words will display; and
  • The round timer will begin with the display of eight seconds duration, and
  • Select a word in the list; and
  • The point is given if the correct word is selected. The point is not given nor the correct word identified, if the wrong word is selected. After the word is selected the round ends. A new round is created until the required round quantity criterion for a successful or failed attempt to answer the correct word in the selected genre’s series is met; and
  • The player advances to a new level after answering eight correct words in a genre or has purchased a key to deduct from the quantity criterion.
  • After eight levels are accomplished, the player is a Lyrics Guru.
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